Friday, November 9, 2012

Highs and Lows

It’s Friday folks! For many this is a long weekend and a chance to enjoy a little extra time at home. For others, like us, it’s just a normal weekend. This week’s been a busy one…I can hardly believe that it’s already November 9th. Thanksgiving is less than TWO weeks away…crazy! Today is another busy day with lots of school work and Sew Sassy work to do so I’m going to keep the post simple with just a quick high/low of the week.

High: My hubs not only brought me home some mini Milky Way bars but also brought me wine and margarita mix! Love him!

Low: Monkey’s doctors informed us that there aren’t any radiologists at the hospital who feel practiced enough to do a sonogram on his joints in order to give them a reading on the inflammation in his legs. This means we had to schedule another sedated MRI.

High: Knowing some awesome people who are willing to help me try to find a radiologist who might be able to do the sonogram so we can avoid the MRI. (Please pray that we find some one.)

Low: It’s cold.

High: It’s supposed to get almost into the 70’s this weekend!

Low: I’m hitting some roadblocks with school and now I’m very unsure what I should do.

High: I know that ultimately God has greater plans for me and maybe this is His way of forcing me to take a break and focus on Monkey’s treatment and raising awareness.

High: Three amazing little men who love me no matter what.

High: All my friends in NY and NJ are safe.

High: I have sweet and thoughtful friends.