Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rainy Weather = Pinterest Day!

I love to peruse Pinterest. There are so many awesome décor ideas, recipes, beauty tips, craft ideas and more! It’s so easy to pin away and so hard to find time to actually DO the things I pin. I pin with intention of “someday I’ll do this”, “someday I’ll try that”, and “oh that looks delicious!” Well, since hurricane Sandy has served us a heaping mess of wind and rain we’ve been home bound and I decided to put the time to use and start tackling my Pinterest list!

I actually decorated my mantel this year for Halloween…it turned out pretty cute!


Holly over at Our Holly Days was definitely my inspiration…that girl loves her some holiday décor and crafts! I was so pleased with my Halloween fun that I decided it was time to keep the cute going every season. I know it’s not even officially Halloween yet but we had our trick-or-treat on Saturday and with the storm we’ve already de-spookified outside. I figured it was safe to move on to Thanksgiving!

I sat down and searched my “For the Home” board on Pinterest to see if I’d already pinned anything cute for Thanksgiving. Then I also searched “Thanksgiving” and found even more great ideas! First thing I tackled was clearing off the old stuff and dusting….ahhhhh-chooooo! I pulled out a mirror that we’d painted in the summer and found that it fit perfectly on the mantel between the shutters…I just love when things work out like you hope! Next I went down to my fabric stash to find some fabric to make some fabric bunting flags. I didn’t follow a tutorial…just cut out some triangles, hemmed them and sewed them onto some brown yarn.


I knew I wanted some cute subway art so I searched for “Thanksgiving Subway Art”. There were SO many cute options but I settled on this one.


I needed something to fill some blank space on one of the shutters and while I was in the attic getting the mirror I found a small wooden wreath. I remembered that I had some artificial mums in my craft supplies (I knew being a craft hoarder would pay off!) so I just did something really simple.


Last I decided I wanted to do something like this but gear it toward Thanksgiving. (I want to do this same one eventually…maybe for Valentines day!) I scavenged through Hubs workshop to find some wood and sifted through my old scrapbook supplies.

After some cutting, printing, modge podge and sanding I ended up with this!

And here, my friends, is the end result!


I still want something else in that blank space between the wood art and framed subway art. I’m thinking of making a big M or something with this technique.

I hope I’ve passed along some inspiration! I’d love to see what you do for your fall décor so please take some pictures and link up!