Monday, October 22, 2012

Mini Monkey Update

It’s been three weeks since Monkey’s injection and he’s doing really well. His left knee is no longer swollen and his limp is pretty much gone. He’s also been able to run and play with his brothers without hurting the next day. That alone is something to be extremely happy about. 
The only negative is that his baker’s cyst is still there and hasn’t shrunk at all. I talked to Dr. Poff on the phone the other day about this and she said to give it until his follow up appointment on November 1 and see how it is. Unfortunately when they did his procedure on the October 1st they couldn’t just go in to the cyst and drain it. Draining a baker’s cyst is a lot more complicated than a standard arthrocentesis because there are ligaments and such on the back of the knee. That said, Dr. Poff said that if necessary they could do a procedure to drain it with the help of an ultra sound. Something I’m sure we’ll talk more about at his appointment. 
Cutting out gluten is going ok as well. It’s really hard to cut out things like bread and pasta. Think about the things that you typically feed kids for lunches: PB&J, mac n’ cheese, cold cut sandwiches, grilled cheese, breaded chicken nuggets, spaghetti, etc…..all which have gluten. I checked into GF bread and dang is that stuff expensive! So, for right now we’ll just keep cutting out what we can and substitute things that are on the less pricey side.
Reviews on the items that I did buy that are GF.

~ Bisquick: Score! I made pancakes and they were great! No one even noticed that they were different than my ‘normal’ pancakes!
~ Corn tortillas: Everyone liked them except Zim…he’s the only one who took two bites and refused to eat it.
~ Quinoa: No one else has tried it yet but I found that the best way to cook it is in a rice cooker! It came out super fluffy and delicious!
~ Honey Nut Chex: SOOOO good!  This will be on our grocery list from now on!
~ GF Rice Crispies: Also good but not getting eaten nearly as fast as the Chex.