Monday, October 8, 2012

Hot Peppers!

A couple weeks ago we took a trip out to a great farmer’s market to pick up some fresh produce. We came home with a HUGE bushel of hot peppers and some delicious fuji apples…I swear I’ve never tasted an apple SO yummy!
My mother-in-law has made Hubs this yummo hot pepper mix in the past and gave me the recipe to try this year on our own. This mix is great for grilled cheese (that’s how Hubs and Bubba like it best) and it would probably be pretty tasty on a hoagie as well. I like to dip my grilled cheese in the sauce but the peppers themselves are a little too spicy for me.
First we took the peppers:
(Half empty bag because I forgot to take a picture before our first batch.)
Then you remove the seeds and slice them into rings. My mom-in-law passed on a tip that helps cut down on you choking to death from fumes…wash the peppers AFTER you cut them. Seeing how I had a lot of pepper to chop I took extreme measures…a mask and rubber gloves!
Once the rings are cut you add them to your sauce that’s been heating up on the stove.
Let the peppers cook in the sauce until they are soft. While they were cooking we prepared our jars. Once the peppers were ready we got busy filling all our jars and processing them. And voilĂ ! Cans and cans of hot pepper mix!