Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Filled Weekend!

Friday I took a ride into Greentree to meet the ladies at the local Arthritis Foundation for the first time. I knew that they were all nice but after meeting them face to face and spending time with them I can tell you they are all amazing and perfect for their jobs! Caitlin had asked me to come in and do a video interview for them to place on their page. She made me feel so comfortable as we sat in their conference room among items for the upcoming Bone Bash. She asked me to talk a bit about how Monkey was diagnosed, how we’ve coped with JA and also how we’ve benefited from the SAK program. (You can read my post about that here.) Before I knew it we were finished and just chatting like old friends. I was also able to meet with Kristina and talk with her about volunteering at the Jingle Bell Run in December. Before I headed back home Caitlin, Beth and I grabbed some lunch at a local Thai place. This was my first Thai experience and I can tell you I am hooked!  YUM! In addition to yummy food our conversation was great. We talked more about the Arthritis Foundation and what will be going on at the Bone Bash fundraiser this coming Friday but we also just chatted about ways we can help other families who are living with JA. Saying I’m excited to work with these women is an understatement. I feel truly blessed to be working with such talented women and I can’t wait to help the foundation in any way I can!

Friday was such a beautiful day so when I got home I rushed the boys into ‘nice’ clothes and took them out to get fall pictures.  You can see some of them here. I’m really happy with how they turned out this year. Zim and Monkey cooperated much more than last year!


Saturday Hubs had off so we were all able to go watch Bubba play soccer. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I just love watching the little man play and this was his best game yet. He was aggressive and really put all he had out on the field. It paid off too…he scored his very first goal! I wish I had taken my camera because his reaction was priceless! Arms raised, huge smile from ear to ear as he ran down the field…the kid was on cloud nine! Zim and Monkey even enjoyed the game…well, not the game but the fact that one of their buddies was there. They haven’t seen him since the spring baseball season so they were happy to spend some time with him.  After the game we headed to a birthday party for one of Bubba’s friends. He’d been looking forward to this for about two weeks…see, after the party Bubs was staying ALL afternoon and staying overnight…his first sleepover! Saying he was excited doesn’t even do it justice!

After dropping him off Hubs and I took the boys home, got changed and headed down to Cedar Creek park to check out the trail and start planning the scavenger hunt for Bubba’s birthday party. The trail looked amazing and we had the greatest fall walk. Hundreds of crunchy leaves covered the entire trail so as you walked you heard the swish, crunch, swish of the leaves over the soft babble of the creek.  And the smell…oh the smell of fall! There truly isn’t anything like it and I’m not sure there is a way to capture it. The littles had fun making piles of leaves to jump into, walking along fallen trees like a tightrope and we even found a vine hanging over the trail. Well, you can’t just see a vine and walk past…you HAVE to get your Hubs to test it and see if you can swing on it!  After determining it was secure we spent quite a bit of time taking turns swinging like monkeys in the forest.  Fun stuff!

Sunday we worked on things at home until it was time to head to Bubba’s last fall baseball game. It’s so sad that the fall sports are coming to an end! The upside though is seeing how much all the boys on the team have improved. They all hit so well yesterday! Spring ball should be great!
Now it’s Monday and the start to a busy week. I think we have something going on every day. Bubba’s party is on Saturday as well so I have all the last minute preparations for that. He’s super excited to have his first ‘friend’ party! I’ll be posting more about the party and the fun stuff that’s going along with it as the week goes by.

Have a blessed week! xoxo