Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy with a chance of nerves…

Today will be a good day…today is one normal day then at 4 this afternoon the weekend begins! Hubs is taking the weekend off AND it’s his birthday weekend! Woot! I love birthdays…I love shopping for the perfect gift (even though he’s pretty hard to buy for lol), I love planning special things (date night!), and I love getting the boys involved and teaching them all about making someone feel special on their birthday!

Tonight we are planning to hit the farmers market in Bridgeville. We’ve been wanting to go all summer but we are just now getting around to it. We have a few local markets but they are all pretty small. This one is big! Lot’s of vendors and lots of beautiful produce and goodies! We cannot wait to buy some hot peppers to stuff and freeze for Hubs and I’m thinking of getting a few apples to make him a pie…yum!

Saturday Bubba has a soccer game in the morning and a baseball game in the afternoon. That little man LOVES to play! I swear he’d play sports all day if we let him. He’s really getting the hang of soccer too! In my opinion (which of course is a little biased) he looks really good seeing how he’s only played soccer for a month and a half! He amazes me though…I really think he could pick up any sport and with a little exposure and practice play it really well. It’s so much fun watching him play too! He’s definitely a natural athlete!

Then Saturday night I’m taking Hubs out for his birthday…it’s a surprise to him where we’re going to dinner so I’ll have to post about it later. Should be yummy though!

Sunday, well, not much planned so far except a baseball game smack dab in the middle of the day.  I’m sure we’ll find something fun to do as a family! It is what you make it, right?!

Sounds amazing right? I bet you’re wondering what the “…chance of nerves” part is. That would be Monday. On Monday little Monkey goes in for another injection…this time in his left knee. His poor knee has been so swollen and because of the amount of fluid in the joint he also has a large baker’s cyst on the back of his knee. All he knows is we’re going to the doctors, we get to play in the big playroom with all the cool toys and that they will let him smell the candy air. He doesn’t know that he will wake up Monday morning and not be allowed to eat. He doesn’t know that he’ll be getting stuck with a big needle. He doesn’t know that Momma is worried even though we’ve done this before and with the exception of him throwing up on the way home everything was fine. I guess it’s my job as his momma to worry no matter what. I don’t worry myself sick but I definitely worry. I mean, what mom likes the idea of her 3 year old being sedated? Anyway, not going to focus on that. I’m going to focus on the fact that we are very blessed to have wonderful doctors at one of the best children’s hospitals in the United States. I know that he is going to be in the best possible place and under the best possible care.