Monday, August 27, 2012

Zim’s First Fish!

We’re an outdoorsy family to the core and we’ve been wanting to take the boys fishing for a while now. Yesterday the weather was just about perfect so we decided we’d get the rods ready and head down to the river. This was our first family fishing outing and the boys were pumped! We walked along the muddy shore line searching for the perfect spot. The river wasn’t too high due to the lack of rain and unfortunately there was a lot of seaweed (well, I guess that should be riverweed). Hubs and I figured that we probably wouldn’t catch anything but weeds but the boys were just too excited to pack up and find another spot. We figured if anything this would be a good learning experience.
As expected, Zim didn’t get the whole waiting part. Once the line was cast out he was itchin’ to reel that baby in. Soon he was wandering the shore with Monkey, finding shells (who knew there were clams in the river!), rocks and sticks. He finally got to reel in his line finding there was nothing but his wiggly worm still on the hook. No one was getting any bites…not even a single little nibble. Zim was determined though and stayed by his daddy’s side while the line was cast again and again. Next thing I hear is “I got a fish! I got a fish!” I look over to see Zim with the rod in his hand reeling in the line. I looked to Ed and asked if he really did have a fish or if he was just overly excited about catching more riverweed. Sure enough, he was the lucky one and hooked a fish! Boy was he excited…his very first fish!

It was a really beautiful evening on the river…the way the sun was setting reflected such pretty colors on the water. We were visited by some ducks looking for food and watched as a whole colony of bats came out from under the bridge to feast on the little bugs along the surface of the water. All in all it was such a great night with my boys!