Friday, August 24, 2012

The Dragons Take Flight! {How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular} #DragonsLive

As an adult I still get super excited about things…like butterflies in my stomach and can’t sleep the night before excited! This is how I felt yesterday as we counted down the hours until we were able to go see the DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular at Consol Energy Center!
This was our first time at the new Consol Energy Center and we were all very impressed! The attendants were very helpful, the center was very clean and the seats were amazingly comfortable.
As we were shown to our seats you could see the excitement in my boys’ eyes. There was so much to look at! Zim was honestly overwhelmed with it all. All the people, the lights, the seats, the sounds…and the show hadn’t even begun!
IMG_1368Zim just loved looking at everything…here he is watching
the dragons fly on the ceiling before the show!
The show itself was unbelievable! As it began I found myself getting chills...between the lights and amazing effects…I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t be impressed! The backdrop, which is as wide as nine movie screens, was an integral part of the action. With the use of ropes and other apparatus, Hiccup traveled up the screen creating an illusion of him walking through his village and the surrounding area. Breathtaking images on the screens also gave you the sense that you were underwater, flying high through the sky with Hiccup and Toothless or escaping from a dark, dangerous mountain with a fiery beast at your heels!
Hiccups village is projected here on the screen
with Viking villagers shouting from their homes.
The story was creatively retold with live Vikings and 23 fire-breathing, smoke-blowing, high flying dragons! Though most of the show was full of action there were also tender moments and plenty of humor to keep everyone laughing. My boys really enjoyed watching the Vikings dance and fight and were in awe of the amazing pyrotechnic and lighting effects.
From start to finish the show was truly amazing. I highly recommend that anyone with or with out children find a way to see this show.  It’s great for young and old alike.  You will leave feeling entertained and amazed and you will carry the memories with you for a lifetime!
If you too would love to experience this amazing show there are still tickets available for the Pittsburgh showing…to purchase yours today check out their website. How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular will be on it’s way to many more cities across the US so be sure to check if it’s coming to an event center near you! Shows like this are one of a kind and don’t come around often…don’t miss out on this opportunity to see dragons fly and learn that there is more to them than meets the eye!