Friday, August 3, 2012

Sprayed at the Spray Park

Round Hill Park, a local exhibit farm, has been doing a lot of updating the past few years. Recently they finished new large playground in addition to a great spray park / splash pad that was installed a couple years back. The boys just LOVE the spray park this year.  I’m not exaggerating when I say we are there almost once a week.  Who can pass up free water fun with how hot it’s been this summer?! When we go we tend to go earlier in the morning to avoid the crowds.  I will admit, it’s not the swarm of kids that I’m not crazy about but more the parents that don’t keep an eye on their kids.  You know it’s bad when you have to tell another child to stop hitting your child because their parent is no where to be found.  Anyway, that’s another post entirely. 

Today we met some friends at the spray park and while my friend and I were talking the kids were having a blast.  It wasn’t too crowded so it was easy to see what the kids were doing at all times.  I watched some of the other parents walking around watching their own kids (nice to see for a change) and even noticed one dad taking pictures of his girls.  How sweet!  It was sweet until of course he got wet.  No, not because of his own child but because of mine.  See, there are these pigs that spray water out of their nose and if you put your hand a certain way it makes the water spray a LOT farther.  ALL the kids love to do this as there are two pigs facing each other and they love to have ‘wars’. 

Bubba was on the pig and having fun like always…well, this dad just happened to be right in the line of fire.  Oh boy was he mad!  He was standing about 10 feet away from me and I could hear him muttering toward Bubs about how he purposely sprayed him.  Um, what?  First of all, that’s not Bubba…yes, he might spray another child but he knows better than to spray and adult, especially one holding a camera.  Second, IT’S A SPRAY PARK!  If you didn’t want to get wet and you didn’t want your camera to get wet then you shouldn’t have come.  I tried being a mature person and told the dad I was sorry and that Bub didn’t mean to spray him.  “Oh, yes he did…I saw him..he was trying to spray me.”  Excuse me?!  I proceeded to again say I was sorry that he got wet but that it happens at a spray park and that I know my child and I know that he wouldn’t intend to get him or his camera wet.  Well, he walked off in a huff.  (And I thought women were dramatic!)  I asked Bubs to come over and explained to him what had happened and asked him to go over and apologize.  I know it was an accident but I still wanted him to know that it’s good to say you’re sorry when things like that happen.  He walked over and nicely said he was sorry only for the dad to scold him and say that it better not happen again.  Again, HELLO?!  My son just apologized and did the right thing and your scolding him?  No, not cool, dude, NOT cool.  Thankfully, I was able to vent my anger/frustration to my friend rather than marching over to him and giving him a bigger piece of my mind. 

I kept an eye on the dad the rest of the time there to try to make sure one of the boys didn’t accidently get him wet again.  He was so careless and just kept walking right thru areas where he was bound to get wet.  His daughter was playing in the water and would come over trying to hug him and he’d push her off at arms length and tell her she better not get him wet and when she persisted he threatened to leave.  It was sad really.  Who goes to a spray park and doesn’t expect to get sprayed?!