Friday, August 3, 2012

On Being A “Soccer” Mom

For many the term “soccer mom” brings to mind images of a van load of muddy, stinky kids and a frazzled taxi driver mom just barely holding it together trying to get said kids to and from fields on time. When my friends and family hear of how involved Bubba has become in sports they say, “Uh oh, Ashley, you better watch out…you’re going to be one of ‘those’ soccer moms!”  To that I always answer, “I know, and I LOVE it!”

There is something so amazing about watching your child out on the field/court/ice truly loving every minute of whatever it is they are playing.  The joy in their eyes as they put their whole heart into every moment is infectious! Standing there on the sidelines cheering them and their teammates on is such an invigorating thing.  So often people see standing on the sidelines as being uninvolved but to me it’s just as important as being there in the game with them.  You are there to praise and cheer when they succeed and you are also there to encourage them when you see they are struggling or getting down. It’s also great to get to know the other kids on the team and watch them grow and change and see the friendship bonds between them strengthen as teammates. It’s such a blessing to be a part of it all…how could you not love it?!

Yes, I will be one of ‘those’ moms. Someday you will see me looking like a frazzled mess with a car full of stinky boys trying to get to another field in time for yet another game but you will also see me smiling and loving every minute of it!