Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Motivation

I’m not sure what it is about Monday…some people hate it others are indifferent.  When I was working I definitely hated it…back to the grind of getting up at a set time and rushing around to get everyone ready to go off to wherever they needed to be. Sitting in a tiny cube thinking you’d rather be anywhere but right there and already starting to count down until Friday.

Now that I’m home Mondays are definitely different.  I don’t dread them like I used to, in fact, I’ll admit that I kind of enjoy Mondays.  Mondays for me are usually full of motivation.  It’s like a fresh start. Some Mondays are daunting as I look around at the fun mess we created as a family over the weekend that now needs cleaned up. Now, this motivation doesn’t always lead to accomplishment but we try!

By nature I am not an organized person and I am far from a ‘neat-freak.’ Some might come into our home and think it’s messy and chaotic but to us it home…we LIVE here and we don’t spend our time stressing about everything being ‘perfect.’  I am striving to try to be a little organized. I try to have the kids keep their toys in certain areas…trio blocks in one box, action figures and accessories in another, books in another, puzzles on this shelf, art stuff on another…they are kids though so it doesn’t always stay that way. Sometimes it frustrates me but then I remember they are kids…they are learning while having fun and if I stress about things not always being where they are supposed to be they will no longer want to play with them for fear that they’ll mess up the system. Besides…


When the Monday motivation bug hits me I’ll sit and make lists for each room and mark a name down by each task. Zim and Monkey are a little young for certain tasks but they definitely still help. They really love to frustrate Bubba when we dump the toys all out and sort. Bubs takes this task very seriously but the other two take it as a chance to discover toys that have been buried at the bottom of the box. It’s like Christmas morning for them!

This Monday is a fresh start for school as well…for myself and for Bubs.  Time to get out of the summer chill routine and back into the school swing.  I’m not going to lie…it’s not going to be easy. This Momma loves her chill time. But, it’s time for us both to buckle back down and get into a routine…we can do it!  Right?

I hope you can find a new outlook to your Monday today. Make it your day and think of it as a fresh start…make this week better than last!