Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School! First Day of School!

I’ve seen posts all over Facebook the past few days….adorable pictures of kids of all ages dressed in cute outfits with beaming smiles on their very first day of school. Well, today is MY first day of school and I feel like Marlin from Finding Nemo, “I don’t wanna go to school….five more minutes….” 

Yup, that was me this morning, glued to the couch with sleep still in my eyes.  But, here I am, 1.5 cups of coffee later not ready to start my second semester of school at WCCC. For the fall term I’m taking an Intro to Electronic Health Records and another Medical Terminology class, this time more in-depth (A&P).

I have found that while school is a challenge with three kiddos it’s also very rewarding. I strongly encourage you if you’ve considered going back to school to give it a try. You never know, you just may surprise yourself like I did and do very well. You CAN do it! As my father-in-law always said….”Never, never, NEVER give up!”

never give up