Sunday, July 15, 2012

Washington All-Star Tournament 7/15/12

This weekend was Will’s second (and final) tournament for the summer.  He and his teammates really pulled together this weekend and played their hearts out!  Their hard work merited them a place in the final championship game against the Venetia team that barely beat them in the first round.  In the end, Venetia beat them with some hard hits and the Rostraver boys came in second.  I am SO proud of Will and his teammates for how they played during their tournaments.  They really came together as a strong team even though they had never played together before.  It was great to see each and every boy on the team grow and learn through this experience! 

Will has a couple of weeks off but will start back up with fall ball in August.  The boy just loves baseball…in fact even after a weekend of playing pretty much non-stop he is outside right now catching with his dad…man I love that kid! 


Will catching…he loved it!



Even though his face shows a different emotion, Luke actually LOVED cheering the boys on with our homemade signs.





Getting his runner-up trophy.



2012 Rostraver 7 year all-star team


Picture with their great coaching staff.