Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When Time-Outs Result in Time-Outs

Sean is definitely mastering the art of the terrible two/threes.  He’s got his own idea of what’s right and an attitude to boot.  Most people look at me and say, “What? He’s not bad! He’s too cute to be bad!” Looks can be deceiving, my friend…I thoroughly believe God gave him his good looks to save his life.

Our timeout spot is a little corner between the dining room and the kitchen.  I chose this spot because it separates the offender from the ‘fun’ of the living room but keeps them in a spot that I can still see from the kitchen.  See, normally they get in trouble most when I’m doing school work on the computer or doing something in the kitchen…in other words, when the cats away, the mice will play. 

This weekend Sean was in time-out yet again, I walked him to the spot, explained to him why he was in time-out and walked back into the living room with the rest of the family to continue watching the Olympics.  After he had done sufficient time I walked in with the intention of having the “Do you know why you were in time-out?” talk with him when I find this:


There he was…completely absorbed in his shame.  I was speech less…I just stood there looking at him.  The stinker found a pencil hiding on the floor somewhere within reach and decided that he would create an amazing mural on the wall. Of course, since I didn’t know what to say I grabbed my camera.

Now, when you’re kids already in time-out what do you do for punishment?! We had yet another talk, this time about how pencils are for paper only and how we NEVER color on the wall.  Then I handed him a wipe and told him to get busy cleaning up the mess.  He gave me the standard, “But it toooooo HARD, Momma!”  Oh well, buddy, you made the mess, you get to clean it up.




As you can see, he’s still ridiculously cute even when he’s in trouble!

Almost three is such a tough age…they are older enough to know some right from wrong but not old enough to truly understand reason and consequences or why drawing on the wall is a bad thing. He is proving to be just as stubborn and  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Washington All-Star Tournament 7/15/12

This weekend was Will’s second (and final) tournament for the summer.  He and his teammates really pulled together this weekend and played their hearts out!  Their hard work merited them a place in the final championship game against the Venetia team that barely beat them in the first round.  In the end, Venetia beat them with some hard hits and the Rostraver boys came in second.  I am SO proud of Will and his teammates for how they played during their tournaments.  They really came together as a strong team even though they had never played together before.  It was great to see each and every boy on the team grow and learn through this experience! 

Will has a couple of weeks off but will start back up with fall ball in August.  The boy just loves baseball…in fact even after a weekend of playing pretty much non-stop he is outside right now catching with his dad…man I love that kid! 


Will catching…he loved it!



Even though his face shows a different emotion, Luke actually LOVED cheering the boys on with our homemade signs.





Getting his runner-up trophy.



2012 Rostraver 7 year all-star team


Picture with their great coaching staff.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cloud Dough! 7-10-12

I LOVE Pinterest and spend a lot of time ‘pinning’ things to do with the boys but never getting around to doing them.  Today, however, I actually tried something!  We made cloud dough!  (You can find the instructions here on how to make your own.)  The dough has such a cool texture…it feels like flour but when you squeeze it or put it in a mold it will hold a shape.  Plus, it smells good!
Here are my tips/suggestions should you decide to make your own:
- Lay out a table cloth on the floor or play with it outside.
- Give each child a cookie sheet or large lid to use as their play area.  This way no one is destroying another’s creation and it keeps the dough more contained. 
- The kids will get messy…it’s a dusty mess though and can be easily vacuumed up. 
- Be sure to tell the kids that it should NOT be eaten.  I know, I know, it’s a given but if your kids are like mine they WILL put this in their mouth. 
The boys love it!  Luke and Will played with it while Sean was sleeping and Sean joined in when he woke up. Now, and hour and a half later Will is still playing with it and Sean’s going back and forth with other things.  Give this a try!  I know your kids will love it!

Friday, July 6, 2012

My Little All Star! 7-6-12

Will is so excited to be playing for the 7 year old all-star team this year!  He just LOVES baseball!  This weekend is his first tournament so I made sure to take a picture of him in his uniform before it got dirty/dingy.  (Gotta love white pants! lol)


When did my baby get so big?!


Just love that handsome face!


Post-game super sandwich…he wanted to use FOUR pieces of bread…think he was hungry?  lol


Yup, he pretty much ate the whole thing!