Saturday, May 26, 2012

Garden Growing’!

We recently started our little family garden!  We love picking our plants and watching them as they grow.  This year we expanded our garden to have a little more space and I’m also adding a flower/landscaped garden as well.  I plan on taking photos thru the weeks to share how everything is progressing.   These pictures were taken on May 15th.


Four rows of onions and garlic are planted here.


Under the window and to the right will be the flower/landscape garden.


Planted snap peas along the fence.


Our expanded garden! 
This year we planted:  8 tomato plants, 2 cucumber,
2 zucchini, 4 pepper (orange, red, yellow and green),
6 broccoli, and 4 pablano peppers.


Succulents planted in an antique bowl and pot!


Different view of the main garden.


Beautiful hanging basket from my mother-in-law!