Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Fun

Ed was able to take Sunday and Monday off this week so we took advantage of the time and not only got some projects done but also fit in some family fun.  

Ed put together two gates to keep the monkeys, I mean boys, contained in the yard.  After that was finished he and I worked together to make a garden shelf.  We used two old ladders we found in Amish country and some old, weathered wood we found at an antique barn.  I love  how it turned out and I can’t wait to find some cool things to put on it! 

After all that hard work it was time to cool off in the pool!  The boys just LOVE when Daddy gets in with them!  We have determined tho that we’ll have to upgrade next summer and get something bigger.  It’s amazing how much the boys have grown in just a year.  All three of them are a good 4-5 inches taller than the average for their age!  I can only imagine how big they’ll be NEXT summer!  Oye!


Before the fun…school work to be done.
My version of downtime this summer.


I like Merlin’s version much better!


Fun in the pool!




Luke’s attempt..he can’t get very far off the ground yet.  lol


Onions!  Only one garlic plant has come up tho.


Snap peas are doing great!


My flower garden is coming together!
All that’s left are a few items and of course flowers!


Shelf that we built…I love it!


Succulents are doing great!


Plants in the garden are growing well!