Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Surprises!

Last week the boys got a very special box from Santa via my dear friends Kelly and Jessica.   They received their very own Elf on a Shelf!   Sitting on the floor under the tree with my three little men around me was such a sweet moment.  As I was reading the story to them I saw so much wonder in their eyes almost and it brought tears to mine.   Ah to have the innocence and faith of a child again!  The first thing the boys had to do was decide on a name for their elf….after much thought and discussion they chose Cookie.   Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Elf on a Shelf here is the idea in a nutshell.  The elf is one of Santa’s scout elves sent to stay with your family during the weeks prior to Christmas.  He (or she) watches over you and every night uses elf magic to travel back to Santa to report whether you have been good or bad.   Every morning the elf is usually in a different spot and caught in some sort of mischief….elves are very mischievous after all!   On Christmas Eve the elf returns to the North Pole with Santa and stays until the next year.   The boys are loving looking for Cookie every morning to see what he’s gotten himself into.   I am loving this new tradition with my boys!  It makes me to happy to see the joy and excitement in their eyes! 

When did my babies get so big?!

Cookie found a nice, cozy spot on the mantle.


Silly elf made a mess with the hot chocolate!

Cookie left a new movie for the boys and was chillin’
in front of the big screen to watch with them.

Uh oh!  Cookie was playing with the toys! 

Aaaannnd he found the crepe paper!