Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Project–Bookshelf from a Pallet!

I have a new addiction, it’s called Pinterest.  If you haven’t heard of it yet it’s like an online bulletin board where you can ‘pin’ thinks you like….recipes, photos, crafts, projects, jewelry, clothes…if it’s online you can pin it.  Part of the fun is also seeing what your friend’s pin and then repining it therefore adding it to your own board.  If you’d like to try go here:   If you’d like an invite to have your own account just put your email in the comments here and I’ll send you one….just don’t blame me when you’re wasting hour upon hour pinning and repining!  ;) 

Thanks to Pinterest I have come across a LOT of projects I want to do.  The best part is that Ed is all for trying new things so we’ve actually started tacking a few!   Here is our recent endeavor!   A bookshelf/case made from a pallet!   Yup, a pallet….those things you see stacked feet high behind your local grocery store!   It was fun to gather in the yard, all five of us, and work away at this project. 

With out further adieu here is the final product!  I white washed the wood and wrapped fabric around the parts that wouldn’t sand smooth. 


The boys could hardly wait to start using it.  It’s such a better solution than the big purple Rubbermaid bid we had the books in before.  This way they can actually see the books with out having to dump them all out. 


And here is their little reading corner.  It worked out so perfectly and oh so cozy!