Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go Steelers!

With the Steelers in the Super Bowl I decided that it would be great to skip ahead in our letters this week to the letters ‘S’ and “F”…for Steelers and football of course!   Here is what I’ve put together so far.  This is my first attempt at making my own worksheets so they aren’t ‘professional’ but they will work all the same.  Luke is really looking forward to doing his ‘football school!’  :)

Complete the patternSteeler Letter MatchTrace

For the football count below I used numbers I had from another counting ‘game’.  I slide these papers into page protectors and put a velcro dot on each empty box.  I have numbers printed on cardstock and laminated with velcro dots on them as well.  Luke counts the footballs and places the right number in the empty box. 

Football count pg 1Football count pg 2Football count pg 3Football count pg