Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Surprises!

Last week the boys got a very special box from Santa via my dear friends Kelly and Jessica.   They received their very own Elf on a Shelf!   Sitting on the floor under the tree with my three little men around me was such a sweet moment.  As I was reading the story to them I saw so much wonder in their eyes almost and it brought tears to mine.   Ah to have the innocence and faith of a child again!  The first thing the boys had to do was decide on a name for their elf….after much thought and discussion they chose Cookie.   Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Elf on a Shelf here is the idea in a nutshell.  The elf is one of Santa’s scout elves sent to stay with your family during the weeks prior to Christmas.  He (or she) watches over you and every night uses elf magic to travel back to Santa to report whether you have been good or bad.   Every morning the elf is usually in a different spot and caught in some sort of mischief….elves are very mischievous after all!   On Christmas Eve the elf returns to the North Pole with Santa and stays until the next year.   The boys are loving looking for Cookie every morning to see what he’s gotten himself into.   I am loving this new tradition with my boys!  It makes me to happy to see the joy and excitement in their eyes! 

When did my babies get so big?!

Cookie found a nice, cozy spot on the mantle.


Silly elf made a mess with the hot chocolate!

Cookie left a new movie for the boys and was chillin’
in front of the big screen to watch with them.

Uh oh!  Cookie was playing with the toys! 

Aaaannnd he found the crepe paper!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Project–Bookshelf from a Pallet!

I have a new addiction, it’s called Pinterest.  If you haven’t heard of it yet it’s like an online bulletin board where you can ‘pin’ thinks you like….recipes, photos, crafts, projects, jewelry, clothes…if it’s online you can pin it.  Part of the fun is also seeing what your friend’s pin and then repining it therefore adding it to your own board.  If you’d like to try go here:   If you’d like an invite to have your own account just put your email in the comments here and I’ll send you one….just don’t blame me when you’re wasting hour upon hour pinning and repining!  ;) 

Thanks to Pinterest I have come across a LOT of projects I want to do.  The best part is that Ed is all for trying new things so we’ve actually started tacking a few!   Here is our recent endeavor!   A bookshelf/case made from a pallet!   Yup, a pallet….those things you see stacked feet high behind your local grocery store!   It was fun to gather in the yard, all five of us, and work away at this project. 

With out further adieu here is the final product!  I white washed the wood and wrapped fabric around the parts that wouldn’t sand smooth. 


The boys could hardly wait to start using it.  It’s such a better solution than the big purple Rubbermaid bid we had the books in before.  This way they can actually see the books with out having to dump them all out. 


And here is their little reading corner.  It worked out so perfectly and oh so cozy! 


Monday, March 21, 2011

“I love the smell of dirt in the morning!”

I LOVE the smell of dirt!  Crazy, I know, but true!  With the weather finally warming up we’ve been trying to spend as much time outside as possible.  The boys of course started digging up a little patch of dirt and that’s when I caught that wonderful smell which inspired me to get in with a shovel myself.  

On Sunday, Ed, the boys and I spent a LOT of time working on our garden area.  Ok, maybe more like Ed and I spent a lot of time.  The boys help was hit or miss although Will did do quite a bit.  Last year we put the garden in a new spot and it did so much better than years past.  We decided that since the ground seems so much better in the new location that we’d expand this year and try to grow more. 

IMG_6032 marked

So far we’ve started a few seeds: cucumbers, bell peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, snap peas, oregano and basil. 

IMG_6000(Here are the seeds when I planted them on Saturday, 3/19.)

IMG_6045(Here are some of the peas today, 3/21, already sprouting!)

We also have some strawberry plants to put in.  We’ll be getting tomatoes as well but we’ll buy the plants in May and put them right into the ground.  I imagine with all the room we have now we’ll find a couple other peppers (maybe some hot ones) to plant as well. 

We continued our adventure in the yard by putting up some fencing.  It’s just a short little fence but it works well enough to keep the littlest monkey from making an escape.  It actually makes me me think of the beach…doesn’t it remind you a little of the fencing they put around the sand dunes? 

Ed moved our fence from last year to the side yard to keep the boys from running to the front of the house and into the street.  There is also some garden fence around the bush by the house.


We also put fence near the driveway to try to keep Sean contained.  So far it seems to be working.  Yes, he can still get around the fence but I think he pretty much understands that he needs to stay on ‘this’ side…well, usually. 


We put the last bit of fence around the garden to keep the boys out.  As I mentioned before, they LOVE dirt like I do so it’s just a natural draw for them.


Last thing we did today that was actual work was to dig up the area under our kitchen window.  The soil is so soft and was very easy to turn compared to the garden.  I’m thinking this is where I might plant my herbs and strawberries if there is enough sun.  I might also put my snap peas here depending on if I have room to put dowels and twine up for them to climb.   










All in all we had a very productive couple of days and took full advantage of the wonderful weather.  I love days like these…there’s just something about working the ground together as a family.  I can’t wait to see what the garden turns into!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go Steelers!

With the Steelers in the Super Bowl I decided that it would be great to skip ahead in our letters this week to the letters ‘S’ and “F”…for Steelers and football of course!   Here is what I’ve put together so far.  This is my first attempt at making my own worksheets so they aren’t ‘professional’ but they will work all the same.  Luke is really looking forward to doing his ‘football school!’  :)

Complete the patternSteeler Letter MatchTrace

For the football count below I used numbers I had from another counting ‘game’.  I slide these papers into page protectors and put a velcro dot on each empty box.  I have numbers printed on cardstock and laminated with velcro dots on them as well.  Luke counts the footballs and places the right number in the empty box. 

Football count pg 1Football count pg 2Football count pg 3Football count pg

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Under Construction

I’ve decided to take my blogging a little more seriously this year.  With that in mind I’m tweaking things a bit and trying out Windows Live Writer.  Please forgive any bumps along the way…hopefully when we come out the other side I will have all my blogs together in one place for all the world to see.  :)