Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well, it's that time of year again...time for a fresh start and new resolutions. Why do we make resolutions when January 1st comes around? Do we feel guilty for all the indulging from the holiday festivities? Is it just a natural time for a new beginning? Is it a good excuse to give in to our cravings and laziness the other 11 months of the year?
I've never been one to make resolutions because honestly I'm not good at keeping them. I try so hard to set goals for myself but I always find a good reason why I cannot achieve those goals. Past goals that I have yet to achieve include training for and running a 5k, reading thru the Bible in a year, working out consistently....there's more too but I won't bore you with the details. When I look back at these failed attempts I am so disappointed in myself because they are not hard goals to reach. If I would just get myself motivated on a daily basis them maybe I could get there. Sometimes I think I need to be held accountable so I ask friends or family to work on these goals with me. It always starts out good but never pans out. I also spend way too much time researching on how to achieve my goals rather than getting up off my lazy butt and working toward them. There are so many good excuses too....I'm tired, I just ate, the boys need me, there's house work to do. I really need to just suck it up and be a good example to my boys on how to work hard to achieve something you've set out to do.
So, with that said I'm going to work on a list of goals I'd like to reach in 2011. I'm not going to label them as resolutions because I never keep those. Maybe if they are goals it will be easier for me to succeed. Once I have my goals I want to post them here. I know I don't have too many followers but maybe knowing that others are aware of my goals will give me a little extra motivation to work toward them.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thinking of renaming my blog...

A suitable name right now would be "Diary of a Sleep Deprived Momma." For some reason Sean has decided that he no longer wants to be a good sleeper. For the past six weeks he's been sleeping so erratically and not taking his normal good nap. At first we thought it was because of his teeth...he had four, yup FOUR molars coming in all at once. I figured that would be enough to make him wake up in the middle of the night in pain and fight sleep during the day. Now that they have all cut thru his gum I'm not so sure that was the case. He's still going to bed around 7 but lately he's been waking up at 9 or 10. Sometimes just crying for a few minutes then going back to sleep and other times needing comforted and put back down. Then the mornings...oh the dreaded mornings. Some times he'll wake up at 5, sometimes if we're lucky 6, but today he decided that 4:22 was a great time to wake up. We've been trying to leave him to comfort himself back to sleep. He needs to learn that he can't just get up to play whenever he feels like it. Unfortunately, leaving him means that he cries....and cries....and cries. Today it was 2 hrs of crying. To top that off his crying woke Luke up at 5:30 as well. We put Luke back to bed (much to his disappointment) and continued with our plan. Luke was up again at 6:20 and by 6:30 I threw in the towel. I thought with the "cry it out" method that it got easier each time. That each time you let them alone the crying time would get shorter and shorter as they learned that you wouldn't come running. Guess Sean didn't get that memo. How can CIO work if after 2 hrs of crying there's no sign of an end? *sigh* Time to find some books and ask for recommendations I guess.