Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thank you Dr. Seuss!

Will sat down today and asked to read some books...what books you ask? Four Dr. Seuss books which his Nonna had brought when she visited in May. As I sat there reading so many memories came flooding back. Memories of many nights at my grandparents house in Oklahoma City where my Grampa would tuck me in and read. If I close my eyes I can still hear his voice reading "If I Ran the Circus". He read with such passion and fun in his voice...maybe that's why the memories are so vivid. I remember being taken away to a different world when he'd sit there and read to me and I begged for just one more page when it was time to sleep. I still have the very book that was read to me hundreds of times. The book is full of character, worn with love and marked with crayon. I loved that book so much that at my wedding I bought a new copy to give to my Grampa as a gift. I wanted us to both have the book to relive the memory. Now I can read it, along with other Dr. Suess books, to my boys and I hope that they too carry the memory with them and pass it on to their children some day.