Monday, March 1, 2010

Cake #2 - First time with fondant!

Well, here it is!  My very first fondant cake!  I made marshmallow fondant which was super easy to make and seemed to be easy to work with as well.   I'm pretty happy with how things went considering this was my first fondant experience.  I had a couple spots wrinkle and even one hole but I think that's because I didn't roll it onto my rolling pin to place it on the cake...I just tried to lift it which I won't do again.  Coloring the fondant was very easy.  I originally wanted to do pink and brown but as I tried to color the pink into brown I just got the dark purple so I just went with it.   I can't wait to do another one!!   (Oh, and for those of you wondering...the cake under the fondant is a three layer chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing.  I didn't eat any but those who did said it was super yummy!)