Saturday, February 27, 2010

My new hobby!

I know, I know! Like I really need ANOTHER hobby! Just add it to the list...Photography, Beading, Sewing and now Baking/Decorating. I'm blaming this one on my friend Amber! My interest all started when I saw the beautiful cakes that she had made. After talking with her about them it made me wonder if I too could make some fun creations. As much as I wanted to try my hand at it tho I put it off...there was just too much going on at the time and I was still working. Then the time came for Luke's 2nd birthday and of course they don't offer store made cakes featuring his favorite thing in the world at the moment...Yo Gabba Gabba! So, my options were to either choose a different cake or try to make one myself and know that he would be beside himself thrilled.

The first thing I needed to do was find the figures...for without the figures the cake would just look like some crazy rainbow exploded! I searched two Targets and failed both times. Finally we hit up the local Toys R Us. As we walked down the aisle a light shown down from heaven and the angels sang as we spotted them....okay, it wasn't quite that dramatic but we were all pretty happy to finally find them! I wish you could have seen the look on Luke's face...that boy was SOOOO happy to have his Gabba friends! Unfortunately now we were faced with another problem....the boy had a death grip on those toys! He wouldn't even let them out of his little fingers long enough for the cashier to ring them up! All the way home he tried his best to open that box too...if it took him all day he was going to get that thing open! I decided it was best to let him have some play time with his new toys and just pray that one or more wouldn't get lost so when the time came to decorate the cake they would all be ready to take their places as part of the decorations.

Due to the snow storms we had to postpone Luke's little family party a week. On Saturday (2/13) I baked the cakes and made the icing. It was fun (and quite the workout) making the icing...well, the workout was more in coloring the icing! Being a little bit of a perfectionist it took me a while before I was happy with the colors. I was able to get the cakes base iced and stacked that night and into the fridge. The next day I made a smaller batch of icing so I'd have a couple more colors for accents and then got to work. It was SO much fun to decorate this cake. My only problem was that I didn't have all the right tools so my icing wasn't quite as smooth as I wanted but from a distance it wasn't really noticeable. When it was completely finished we realized that one of the Gabba friends were missing...Brobee was nowhere to be found! OH NO!!! So the search was on...thankfully Ed was able to find him and he took his designated spot on the very tip top of the cake. DONE! Luke was loving it! It made me so happy to see the smile on his face and know that he was more than pleased! I've attached some photos below of the cake and the happy birthday boy. :)

Now I'm hooked...well, more than hooked...I think I'm addicted. I want to make more cakes but yet it's probably not wise to eat so much cake so here I am waiting for more opportunities to make them....or at least opportunities to take them somewhere for other people to eat them! Who really needs a reason for a cake?! My next experiment is going to be marshmallow fondant. I actually made a batch this morning and can't wait to give it a try! I'll be sure to post pictures!!