Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What we did over Christmas break...

We were blessed to have Ed home with us for NINE days between Christmas and New Years! Not only did we have fun relaxing and playing with the boys we were also able to get a few projects done around the house. We were able to redecorate our living room, make the basement a functional area for the boys to play and also rearrange our bedroom. I have pictures posted below of what we accomplished. (Just no pics of the bedroom cause it's not terribly exciting...just moved the furniture around.)

Living room:
Large wall before:
Small window before:
Large front window before:

New drapes on small window:
New drapes on large front window:

Large wall painted and shelves hung!
Close up of the beautiful cross from Shawna.

Close up of shelves on the right:

Close up of shelves on the left:

Basement project...unfortunately we forgot to take some 'before' pictures so it's hard to know how much work was done unless you've seen the basement before.

New shelves from Pat and Ed with our 'store'.

New 'closet' fixture.

Awesome padded floor tiles so the boys can play downstairs!
(Please ignore the boxes...we were still in the process of cleaning up from Christmas!)