Monday, January 4, 2010

Back into the swing of things!

Sadly the holiday break is over and today was the day for Ed to go back to work and for me and the boys to get back into our routine. I thought today would be a tough day for the boys seeing how Ed was home for 9 days straight and today he is working one of his long shifts (8a-8p). They surprised me tho and have done very well! We even got back into school today for Will. Today we talked about time and starting to discuss clocks. The lesson suggested getting an analog clock and that's when I realized how the times have changed....I don't have a single analog clock in my we improvised and made our own out of paper! Will had a hard time understanding exactly why when the big hand is on the 1 it means five minutes past...why does it mean's a one! :) Baby steps. He did however understand that 12 could mean noon or midnight and we discussed the differences. Another point of today's lesson was matching and finding differences. Will had to take some large foam circles with cutouts in them and find ones that matched. Then he had to find the shapes that would fit in the cutout portions but they had to be a different color than the large circle. He was quick with this task but still enjoyed it. Of course as soon as Luke saw all the bright colors he started chanting "I play! I play!" So I pulled up a chair and gave him some circles of his own and the little smartie pants was able to put all the right shapes in the correct cutouts! It was cute too because when he's start to put one in an incorrect spot I'd hear him say "Noooooooo" then he'd find the right place.

Now the boys are sitting and giggling at Tom and Jerry...their little treat after doing so great on their first day back in the swing of things!