Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Learning curve...

Homeschooling has always been of interest to, not because I want to keep my kids in a bubble and protect them from all the 'evil' out there...but more because I want to make sure they are getting the quality of education they deserve and that they are being focused on as individuals. Every child learns differently and at a different rate and often times when in a public school environment they are taught as a group in a very general way...not based on what's best for each child individually.

Since I'm not 100% sure that I am equipped for homeschooling or that my boys are going to benefit from it we decided to give it a try this year with Will thru the PA Cyber schools K4 program. The great thing about this program is that it is funded by the state just like a public school and they provide their students with not only the curriculum they need for that year but also with their own laptop and printer for use during that school year.

When we started this year I was trying to be very structured and follow the book to the letter but I soon found that this was not only frustrating to me but also to Will. You see, he is easily distracted and likes to daydream...reminds me of some one I know...I believe I was quite the same way at his age and still have issues being distracted when I try to get things done. So I decided to try something different. Rather than sitting him at the table with the school book in front of me and just going down the list of what we were supposed to learn today I reviewed the book to see what concepts were the focus for that day and incorporated them into our daily routine. He seemed much more receptive to this learning method. I'm also going to be doing crafts related to his lessons but just as craft time...not structured school. The kid loves crafts and if he's learning while he's having fun then why not right?!

I know what some will say...that the kid needs structure...he needs a routine. Yes, he does need a routine, and we're working on that. But for right now unstructured learning is what's working best for him and the rest of us. It limits stress and frustration which right now is a wonderful thing. Maybe as the year goes on we will be able to introduce more structured learning as we all get on a better schedule and ride the learning curve together.