Friday, September 18, 2009

Next up...Will!

My little man is growing's so awesome to see the little boy he's turning into but sad at the same time. I mean, wasn't he just a wee baby just yesterday? Now he's watching 'real' shows with Daddy and getting more and more independent every day.

Since the boys are home with me while I'm on maternity leave I've been doing a PreK program with Will and he loves it. Every day he asks me "Momma, can we do school now?" I'm so thankful he loves to learn! I'm hoping to take advantage of this thirst for knowledge and start teaching him more that will challenge him. We ordered the PreK Hooked on Phonics program for him as well as a Hooked on Spanish. When they were delivered yesterday via UPS he begged and begged to start working on it right then!

One thing that I'm seeing in Will is also a wonderful thoughtful and sensitive side. He often asks us things like "Momma, how was your doctors apt.?" or "Daddy, how was work today?" And at the end of the day when we go to bed he always tells me "Momma, I had a great day today. I think I will have a great day tomorrow too." The fact that the thoughtful questions come from him totally unprompted is so cool to me! I hope it continues and it's a sign of the young man he will become.

Outside of school and being a new big brother Will is looking forward to his swim lessons that start next week as well as his birthday. He has decided that he wants a Star Wars party and of course has a new item every day that he wants as a gift. (Thank you TV! Insert eye roll here!)
I'm sure there are things I'm know, the little every day things that you unfortunately take for granted. I'm hoping once I get this blog caught up and have updates posted on all the boys I will make a habit of posting about even the little seemingly mundane things of life...for those are the things we forget and those are the things that make life so fun!