Thursday, September 10, 2009

Been a long time...

Ok, so I've totally slacked at this blogging thing but I'm determined to jump back on and blog more often. Every one is doing well in the Mikula house. Things are crazy but that's what makes life fun...right?! I have a lot to catch up on and plan on doing so soon. I'd like to do a post on Sean's birth but I need to really sit down so I can tell the story with all the details...don't worry, no gross details! I also need to do some updates on Will and Luke's antics as well as Aaron's new ventures.
For now tho I will leave you with a couple new pictures and a promise that I will be blogging again soon and more frequently! Much love from the Mikulas!
All four of my boys! <3
My Will
The Luke-ster
Sweet baby Sean