Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Lately Will has been saying the funniest most off the wall things so I figured it would make for a wonderful blog post! Here are some of the things he's said lately....

When talking about how we will be visiting my grandparents in MO.....
W: "Momma, do they have toys?"
M: "No Bubba, but we will take some."
W: "Why they not have any toys?"
M: "They don't have little kids."
W: "Why they not have any kids yet?"

When getting ready for bed the other night....
W: "Momma, I gonna tell you what makes me allergic."
M: "Oh, ok"
W: "Beetles"
M: "You aren't allergic to beetles."
W: "Ya-huh, Momma! When I was a baby.....I ate a beetle and it make me allergic."
M - I couldn't help it...I started to giggle.
W: Giggles too....."That's just a funny story Momma!"

Last night on the way home from Walmart while we are sitting at a red light:
W: "Oh, Momma! I know that guy!" (Some guy on the sidewalk waiting to cross the street...just some random guy!)
M: "No, you don't know him Bub."
W: "Yes I do!"
M: "Momma and Daddy don't even know him."
W: "But, when I was a baby, I went to his house. I will tell you his name.....(pauses)....his name is Brad."
M: "Brad huh?"
W: "Yes, Brad is his last name. I can tell you his first name......it's kind of silly tho."
M: "Ok, what is it?"
W: "Brown Arrow"
M: "His name is Brown Arrow? Brown Arrow Brad?"
W: "Yup! I can tell you were he lives too....he lives in California!"
M: "You've never been to California."
W: "Ya-huh! When I was a baby I was there."
M: "Bubba, you've been with me since you were a baby and you've never been to California."
W: "Yes, yes I was Momma"
M: "Bub, you grew in my belly before you were a baby and have been with me ever since."
W: "No, Mr. Brad's momma....I was in her belly and at their house."
M: "What? Will, you are silly!"
W: "That was just a story Momma!"

While sitting eating dill pickles and watching Diego:
W: "Momma....why Diego and Baby Jaguar not have teeth?"

Then my favorite so far....

W: "I know everything Momma."
M: "Oh you do, do you?"
W: "Yes, I know everything." *pause* "Just like my Daddy."