Friday, April 3, 2009

A king, a queen and their four knights!

Well, it's hubby was right, he can only make boys! Hahaha! That's right, we found out today that this baby is another boy! We are really excited! His name will be Sean Isaac Alexander. I was a little worried about telling Will tho seeing how this whole time he's been saying the baby is a girl but his reaction was great....
Me: Hey Will...guess what...momma found out today that the baby is another BOY!!!
Will: Oh! A boy!?! :pause: Oh my gosh Momma! I said it was a girl!!! :laughs at himself:
Me: I know bubs! Haha! But you'll have another little about that?
Will: Good! Yes!!
Then like 10 min later he says... Wait momma! Daddy was right!! Now we just have one girl! You momma! :laughs again!:
It was great...just make me smile and giggle! I just love that little guy and his awesome sense of humor!
I'm so excited for what lies ahead with my boys....looking forward to being loved and protected by each of them!