Friday, October 16, 2009

Five years ago....

Dear Bubba,

I can't believe two days you will be five...a whole hand! I love that you are so excited that in just two more sleeps it's your special day.

It's hard to believe that it was five years ago that I was carrying you in my belly waiting anxiously for you to be see what you looked like, hear your little cry, snuggle you up in my arms. Now you're so big! You tell me stories that make me laugh....where you come up with some of these things is beyond me but I love it! You've become quite the little man. It's been so amazing to watch you grow from a baby into a boy...a boy who loves ice cream, loves to fight with his daddy, is watching 'real' movies and understanding them, who is a great big brother, and who thankfully still loves to snuggle with me...that might make me the happiest of all.

I am so blessed to have you in my life baby boy! I hope your birthday weekend is so special and more fun than you could imagine!

I love you with all my heart,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Learning curve...

Homeschooling has always been of interest to, not because I want to keep my kids in a bubble and protect them from all the 'evil' out there...but more because I want to make sure they are getting the quality of education they deserve and that they are being focused on as individuals. Every child learns differently and at a different rate and often times when in a public school environment they are taught as a group in a very general way...not based on what's best for each child individually.

Since I'm not 100% sure that I am equipped for homeschooling or that my boys are going to benefit from it we decided to give it a try this year with Will thru the PA Cyber schools K4 program. The great thing about this program is that it is funded by the state just like a public school and they provide their students with not only the curriculum they need for that year but also with their own laptop and printer for use during that school year.

When we started this year I was trying to be very structured and follow the book to the letter but I soon found that this was not only frustrating to me but also to Will. You see, he is easily distracted and likes to daydream...reminds me of some one I know...I believe I was quite the same way at his age and still have issues being distracted when I try to get things done. So I decided to try something different. Rather than sitting him at the table with the school book in front of me and just going down the list of what we were supposed to learn today I reviewed the book to see what concepts were the focus for that day and incorporated them into our daily routine. He seemed much more receptive to this learning method. I'm also going to be doing crafts related to his lessons but just as craft time...not structured school. The kid loves crafts and if he's learning while he's having fun then why not right?!

I know what some will say...that the kid needs structure...he needs a routine. Yes, he does need a routine, and we're working on that. But for right now unstructured learning is what's working best for him and the rest of us. It limits stress and frustration which right now is a wonderful thing. Maybe as the year goes on we will be able to introduce more structured learning as we all get on a better schedule and ride the learning curve together.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The newbie! All about Sean!

Since Sean is so new his first post is going to be all about his arrival into this world!

On August 16th I was having contractions off and on thru out the day and as day turned to night and I tried to get some sleep they got closer together and more noticeable. They weren't necessarily painful but uncomfortable enough to keep me up pretty much all night. Some people might ask why I didn't call my doctor...couple of reasons...they weren't getting any closer or more I had an appointment then next morning and figured I'd tell her what was going on and we could go from there. I was definitely hoping that I had dilated much more and that maybe she'd tell me to head to the hospital right then.

Monday, August 17th - The good news was that I had dilated more...from a 1 to a 3 and that I was thinning out as well. The down side was that Sean was still up a little too high. She suggested that I keep walking like I had been (almost a mile a day) and told me to come back in that Thursday to be checked and if all was good she would induce me Friday. She also told me that she was on call the next day so if I went into labor she'd be there to deliver him. I was happy to hear that because she is the doctor I had been praying I'd get!

Tuesday, August 19 - I continued to have contractions all day Monday and when the night came they became more intense and again would not allow me to sleep once again. This time tho they were getting more painful...I was actually having to do my breathing thru some of them. I was trying to just labor at home as long as could because I knew that Dr. Brown (the one I wanted) would not be at the hospital until 8:30 am and I also didn't want to wake Pat (my mother in law) up to come be with the boys. Around 5 am I went to the bathroom and noticed that I had started to bleed...gross I know but it was a good sign and it told me that it was time to call the doctor. The doctor currently on call got all my information and told me to go ahead and come in. So I woke up Ed who proceeded to ask if I had made any coffee yet...hey, at least he didn't ask me if I was sure I needed to go to the hospital...and by 6 ish we were on our way. At this point the contractions were definitely painful...I had to focus on my breathing and try to relax thru them. By the time we got to the hospital they were about 5 min apart. I got up to the birth center and thankfully they put me right into a room and started to hook me up to monitors. After we were settled the nurse checked me and said that I was at 6 cm! Yay! I was happy to hear that! The down side was that I had to wait to get my epidural because they had two c-sections planned that morning. Unfortunately it was another almost 2 hrs before I got my epi. I admire women who are able to labor and deliver their babies with out the assistance of drugs....I just don't know how they do it or why some one would choose to go thru that is NOT fun. By 9:40 I was comfortable and happy...maybe a little too happy...I was a little giddy, from the drugs or just cause I was finally out of pain I'm not sure but I think Ed found it amusing. Now we were just waiting for the doctor to come in and break my water. When she did that I was about 8 cm and they told me to rest and let them know when I started feeling pressure. I took the opportunity to try to catch a little sleep while we watched Seinfield episodes.

A little before 1 I told the nurse I was definitely feeling pressure so she checked me and said "Oh, yes, you're 10 and there's the head right there!" Next thing I know Dr. Brown comes in and every one is getting everything ready. I remember saying "I'm going to take a mental note of the time I start pushing...I have a reputation to uphold of getting babies out in 15 min!" Dr. Brown made a comment that she was sure I could better my time and at 1:05 I gave my first push. Dr. Brown said that I obviously didn't forget how to push because I was doing great and after two counts of 10 she told me to relax. They were all talking about how much hair Sean had...Ed said "Man, with that much hair he might come out with a mustache!" I was laughing and Dr Brown said "Oh my goodness girl, your laughing him out!" Yup, that's right, my laughing was pushing him out! Ha! She told me to give one more good push and at 1:08 there he big, beautiful baby boy...weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz and 20 in long! That's right, not only did I uphold my under 15 min push record but I crushed it! That boy was out in 3 minutes! I was shocked!

After that everything is just a happy blur. Giving birth is such an amazing and wonderful experience...yes, even with the pain and yuck of it know that in a matter of a few moments your whole life has changed as you look into the loving eyes of your baby. There is nothing like those first're so proud as you look on and watch the nurse as she cleans your baby up and gets him all snug and warm in a blanket for you to cuddle in love as you see your husband holding him for the first thankful that God chose you to carry this little life and at the same time a little scared because you want to be a good parent and do everything you can to protect this little guy and raise him up to be everything that God made him to be. As much as I try, words can really never describe the pure love and joy I experienced that day.

Welcome to the world little are so loved! You're in for a crazy life ahead with three older brothers and a Daddy who's just as crazy but you will never question whether you are wanted, protected or loved. I'm so glad that you are finally here and I can't wait to get to know you more each day.

Beautiful brand new baby boy!

Given me the 'look' at 2 wks.

My baby burrito only 4 wks old.

Friday, September 18, 2009


One word can describe this kid right now and that is:


Good grief this kid is nuts! Haha. He's so full of energy and spunk which at times is fun and other times not so much. Often times you'll see him walking around sort of be-bopin and just being silly. He's quite amusing!

He seems to be hitting the terrible 2's early. Lots of fits and screaming when he's frustrated or doesn't get what he wants right when he wants about trying Momma and Daddy! He also isn't phased by punishment and will continue to do whatever it is you've been telling him not to do over and over and over and over again. So, what do you hear a lot in the Mikula house? "Lukie!!! NOOOOO!" LOL That said, we've been working at getting down on his level, explaining to him that he's not allowed to throw fits or do whatever it was he was doing, and then we put him in time out. This usually leads to crying but I tell him to look at my eyes and tell him that he is not going to get up until he calms himself down. Usually this works...which is good cause it means he gets it. Does it stop him from going right back and doing the thing he got time out for originally? Not usually but at least he is learning consequences.

Luke is finally talking a lot more...some words are clear and easy to understand and others not so much. It's definitely making life a little easier now that I know when he is saying "drink" or "food". His other new thing is "I draw"...he's got a new fascination with crayons and paper or even the magnadoodle boards. He also LOVES when you sing songs that have motions with them like "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" and "Itsy bitsy spider". He can also show you where his head, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, belly, hands and feet are. He's definitely starting to make that transition from baby to toddler. Now if we can only get him to potty train quicker than his big brother. LOL

Next up...Will!

My little man is growing's so awesome to see the little boy he's turning into but sad at the same time. I mean, wasn't he just a wee baby just yesterday? Now he's watching 'real' shows with Daddy and getting more and more independent every day.

Since the boys are home with me while I'm on maternity leave I've been doing a PreK program with Will and he loves it. Every day he asks me "Momma, can we do school now?" I'm so thankful he loves to learn! I'm hoping to take advantage of this thirst for knowledge and start teaching him more that will challenge him. We ordered the PreK Hooked on Phonics program for him as well as a Hooked on Spanish. When they were delivered yesterday via UPS he begged and begged to start working on it right then!

One thing that I'm seeing in Will is also a wonderful thoughtful and sensitive side. He often asks us things like "Momma, how was your doctors apt.?" or "Daddy, how was work today?" And at the end of the day when we go to bed he always tells me "Momma, I had a great day today. I think I will have a great day tomorrow too." The fact that the thoughtful questions come from him totally unprompted is so cool to me! I hope it continues and it's a sign of the young man he will become.

Outside of school and being a new big brother Will is looking forward to his swim lessons that start next week as well as his birthday. He has decided that he wants a Star Wars party and of course has a new item every day that he wants as a gift. (Thank you TV! Insert eye roll here!)
I'm sure there are things I'm know, the little every day things that you unfortunately take for granted. I'm hoping once I get this blog caught up and have updates posted on all the boys I will make a habit of posting about even the little seemingly mundane things of life...for those are the things we forget and those are the things that make life so fun!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Let the updates begin!

I'll start with the oldest first and work my way down...each of the boys will get their own, first up....Aaron!

Aaron has had a lot going on the past month or so. He spent his summer doing pretty much nothing then after a little kick in the butt and some motivation that finally seemed to work he got things in gear. Something about your parents telling you that you can have a car basically for free if you get a job and your license that was appealing to him. haha In a matter of a few weeks he 1) got a job at Wendy's, 2) got his license; and 3) started college.

So far things seem to be going well. His school schedule is pretty easy as far as when he has class. There are only two days that he has to be there before 11 am. Right now he's taking psychology, sociology, english, anthropology and intro to theatrical design. (For those of you who don't know he wants to major in psychology.) Why the design class then you ask? Well, he is required to take a course of that nature and that's what he picked. He said it's his favorite class this semester. I think it would be my favorite too considering what else he is taking! He's not super crazy about his job but it's fast food so it is what it is. The great thing about him working there is that he's able to get plenty of hours since they are open later.

To sum up the post Aaron is growing up and learning more about real life and seems to be doing well with it so far. We all know it takes time but there's a lot of fun along the way. We are very proud of him and happy with the changes we see in him!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Been a long time...

Ok, so I've totally slacked at this blogging thing but I'm determined to jump back on and blog more often. Every one is doing well in the Mikula house. Things are crazy but that's what makes life fun...right?! I have a lot to catch up on and plan on doing so soon. I'd like to do a post on Sean's birth but I need to really sit down so I can tell the story with all the details...don't worry, no gross details! I also need to do some updates on Will and Luke's antics as well as Aaron's new ventures.
For now tho I will leave you with a couple new pictures and a promise that I will be blogging again soon and more frequently! Much love from the Mikulas!
All four of my boys! <3
My Will
The Luke-ster
Sweet baby Sean

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Lately Will has been saying the funniest most off the wall things so I figured it would make for a wonderful blog post! Here are some of the things he's said lately....

When talking about how we will be visiting my grandparents in MO.....
W: "Momma, do they have toys?"
M: "No Bubba, but we will take some."
W: "Why they not have any toys?"
M: "They don't have little kids."
W: "Why they not have any kids yet?"

When getting ready for bed the other night....
W: "Momma, I gonna tell you what makes me allergic."
M: "Oh, ok"
W: "Beetles"
M: "You aren't allergic to beetles."
W: "Ya-huh, Momma! When I was a baby.....I ate a beetle and it make me allergic."
M - I couldn't help it...I started to giggle.
W: Giggles too....."That's just a funny story Momma!"

Last night on the way home from Walmart while we are sitting at a red light:
W: "Oh, Momma! I know that guy!" (Some guy on the sidewalk waiting to cross the street...just some random guy!)
M: "No, you don't know him Bub."
W: "Yes I do!"
M: "Momma and Daddy don't even know him."
W: "But, when I was a baby, I went to his house. I will tell you his name.....(pauses)....his name is Brad."
M: "Brad huh?"
W: "Yes, Brad is his last name. I can tell you his first's kind of silly tho."
M: "Ok, what is it?"
W: "Brown Arrow"
M: "His name is Brown Arrow? Brown Arrow Brad?"
W: "Yup! I can tell you were he lives too....he lives in California!"
M: "You've never been to California."
W: "Ya-huh! When I was a baby I was there."
M: "Bubba, you've been with me since you were a baby and you've never been to California."
W: "Yes, yes I was Momma"
M: "Bub, you grew in my belly before you were a baby and have been with me ever since."
W: "No, Mr. Brad's momma....I was in her belly and at their house."
M: "What? Will, you are silly!"
W: "That was just a story Momma!"

While sitting eating dill pickles and watching Diego:
W: "Momma....why Diego and Baby Jaguar not have teeth?"

Then my favorite so far....

W: "I know everything Momma."
M: "Oh you do, do you?"
W: "Yes, I know everything." *pause* "Just like my Daddy."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trying something new...

called ORGANIZATION! lol

I've been wanting to try for a while but just lacked the motivation and supplies but today I started by buying 6 small storage bins at Wally World! I came straight home and went thru the boys' toy box and sorted thru separating them into different categories. It looks SO nice! Now all the balls are in one bin, little plastic animals in one, cars and little figures in another and all of Will's recently acquired GI O's (as he calls them...thank you Jill/Jacob-he LOVES them!) in a slightly larger bin. The larger trucks and toys are still in the toy box but man does it look SO much nicer! We also put a good amount of toys in a box to donate. YAY!

I'm also working on going thru clothes and separating them according to size and seasons seeing how I now need to make them go thru yet another boy if they make it thru Luke! haha

Next project....go thru all the craft stuff and figure out what types of bins I need to buy to get all of that organized!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A king, a queen and their four knights!

Well, it's hubby was right, he can only make boys! Hahaha! That's right, we found out today that this baby is another boy! We are really excited! His name will be Sean Isaac Alexander. I was a little worried about telling Will tho seeing how this whole time he's been saying the baby is a girl but his reaction was great....
Me: Hey Will...guess what...momma found out today that the baby is another BOY!!!
Will: Oh! A boy!?! :pause: Oh my gosh Momma! I said it was a girl!!! :laughs at himself:
Me: I know bubs! Haha! But you'll have another little about that?
Will: Good! Yes!!
Then like 10 min later he says... Wait momma! Daddy was right!! Now we just have one girl! You momma! :laughs again!:
It was great...just make me smile and giggle! I just love that little guy and his awesome sense of humor!
I'm so excited for what lies ahead with my boys....looking forward to being loved and protected by each of them!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Little kicks, giggles and chocolate milk!

These are the highlights of my day! I've been feeling the baby more and more especially when I eat something sweet...go really, there goes my figure! The little kicks are wonderful right now but I know in a few months I'll be complaining that I'm getting bruised from the inside out! Oh well, it's all wonderful!
Will and Luke were so pleasant tonight and were really enjoying each others company! Luke just finds so much of what Will does funny! I couldn't stop laughing tho when Luke got a case of the giggles when he saw a picture of Will and Ed up on the computer. He kept pointing and then he'd just laugh and laugh! My boys sure bring a lot of joy into my life!
I was trying to get a slide show up of pics from Luke's bday but for some reason I can't figure it out and I ended up to frustrated to continue trying...for now at least. I'd like to find a way to share pics on here in a way other than posting them as part of my entries....I'm sure I'll figure something out. In the meantime I will put up just a few from the party to share...

This first one gives you a good glimpse into Luke's personality!

Luke wasn't quite sure what to do with the cake....

Here's my messy birthday boy....we finally got him to dig into the icing a little....ah, gotta love a one year old all sugared up!
Well, I think thats about it for off to my chocolate milk in a ice cold frosted mug with a side of brownies! YUM!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The mission begins!

Well, here I am....I've been wanting to start a blog for a few weeks now and just couldn't come up with a name but as I was sitting here this morning thinking of all the things I need to tackle it came to me! I'm a Momma on a mission to do SOOOO many things!

I don't have time to start blogging about said things just yet cause if I sat here typing then my missions wouldn't even get started....well, my blog mission would but the others wouldn't!

So it begins....I'm sure I will bore some but hopefully this will be a way to keep my close friends and family in the loop of what a day in the life of this crazy family is like!

Now off to my missions....